Roque Dalton: On the Bible Business

Roque Dalton: On the Bible Business

The Bible says
that Christ multiplied for the people
the bread and the fish.

If he did, he did well,
and that makes him greater than a great general
who won a thousand battles in which millions of poor people died.

But nowadays the Americans
to prevent the bread and the fish from multiplying
and the whole world bears with resignation
the multiplied hunger that is part of the big business,
multiply the production of Bibles
in all the languages spoken by the poor
and they send them to us in the hands of young blondes
who have been meticulously trained by their Generals.

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Aus: Roque Dalton, Poemas clandestinos. Literatur von und über Roque Dalton im Karlsruher Virtuellen Katalog KVK

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